Compressor spraying is the use of the air compressor for spray painting. There are many different types of air compressors. An air compressor basically compresses atmospheric air to a given pressure, the air is usually stored in a pressurised vessel, the air receiver, as the air expands it creates volume and speed which can be used to atomise paint or power air tools. For spraying the choice of compressor will depend on the air consumption and pressure requirement of the Spray Gun, and the number of spray guns used.


  • Introduction to Compressor spraying.
  • Learning howthe air compressor works
  • Understanding the function of the air compressor


  • Basis for selection

Pressure class


Material of manufacture

Type of air compressor i.e. Direct Drive Compressor and the Belt Driven Compressor.

  • Assembling the compressor
  • Direct Drive compressor
  • Belt Driven compressors
  • Air compressor working principle
  • Operating techniques and practice
  • Accessories & Specialty Equipment
  • Safety personal protective equipment & proper safety

Purpose of the Course

The series covers the air compression spraying system in use today and stresses proper safety precautions throughout. Students will learn how to use the Belt Driven and the Direct Driven air compressor, assembling the equipment, the air compressor working principle and operating techniques so that they can use this knowledge in the real working environment in motor or construction industry.

The Compressor Spraying Course is designed for new pipefitting students who have little to no knowledge of the field. All the terms used are defined or explained throughout the courses, so students are not required to have a pipefitting vocabulary to understand the content.


1 Week


Stainless steel; Carbon Steel; Mild steel; Duplex; Titanium; Aluminium

Career Benefits

-On successful completion of the final exam, the student will display transference of learning by producing a good weld which has not been demonstrated.

-The learner will achieve a level of skills which enhances his status in a company or will lead to a formal employment. -The learner will achieve a level of skills which enhances his status in a company or will lead to a formal employment. At the completion of the course each student will receive a certificate of completion, recognized and certified by the relevant local and international stakeholders.

Assessment Method

Throughout the training, continuous assessments are carried out by the way of written tests and practical assignments in order to monitor progress of the trainee and effectiveness of learning.

Costs and Terms of Payment

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