A cutting torch head is used to cut materials. It has an oxygen blow out trigger or lever. The metal is first heated by the flame until it is cherry red. Once this temperature is attained, oxygen is supplied to the heated parts by pressing the “oxygen-blast trigger”. This oxygen reacts with the metal, forming iron oxide and producing heat. It is this heat that continues the cutting process. An oxygen/acetylene torch is a dangerous cutting system, but with precautions and practice, you can use it to cut steel to size and shape.


Getting the proper tools for the Cutting process

Fire extinguisher; Marking & measuring tools; Safety equipment;

Proper clothing; Work boots; a striker

  • Setting up your work in a safe environment.
  • Setting Up the Cutting Torch
  • Understanding the Cutting process
  • Cutting torch working principle
  • Operating techniques and practice when using the Cutting Torch
  • Accessories & Specialty Equipment
  • Safety personal protective equipment & proper safety and health standards

Purpose of the Course

This course series covers the Cutting process in use today and stresses proper safety precautions throughout. Students will learn how to use the Cutting Torch, assembling the equipment, the Cutting Torch working principle and operating techniques so that they can use this knowledge in the real working environment in motor or construction industry. Students will have a clear understanding of the burning process and the only materials which can be cut this way which are steel and carbon steel. They will also know the materials that cannot be cut with a Cutting Torch, which are aluminium, stainless steel and other metals.


1 Week


Carbon Steel; Mild steel; Duplex; Titanium;

Career Benefits

The student will have comprehensive knowledge on how to use a Cutting Torch for the cutting process. The successful participant will be able to produce high quality cutting tasks in all positions within a metal work environment in order to improve his won employability

The learner will achieve a level of skills which enhances his status in a company or will lead to a formal employment. -The learner will achieve a level of skills which enhances his status in a company or will lead to a formal employment. At the completion of the course each student will receive a certificate of completion, recognized and certified by the relevant local and international stakeholders.

Assessment Method

Throughout the training, continuous assessments are carried out by the way of written tests and practical assignments in order to monitor progress of the trainee and effectiveness of learning.

Costs and Terms of Payment

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