Adequate preparation for a welding interview is very important. This ensures that the welder is equipped with the interview tips and the knowledge of what to expect at the interview. At the end of the preparation for welding interview, the student will be mentally prepared and ready for the interview. Therefore this will increase the chances of him coming out of the welding interview with flying colours. The preparation for welding interview is done at the workshop in Johannesburg, practically.


During the preparation for Welding Interview, the student’s knowledge will be tested to check if he can be able to weld if he is asked to do so because at the welding interview, they will ask the interviewee to weld out something, usually something that will test his skills and show they can handle most things they will be asked to do should they be employed by the company.

The student will be equipped with the knowledge on:

Health and Safety issues in welding

Safety clothing, equipment and tools to take to the interview

How to cope with anxiety and nervousness

Questions to ask the interviewers, should they ask for questions.


1 Day

Career Benefits

-On successful completion of the preparation for welding interview, the student will be confident and ready for the real interview where his welding skills will be put to test.

-The learner will be provided with tips and skills which enhance his prospects of passing the interview thereby leading to a formal employment.

Costs and Terms of Payment

To enquire for costs of the course, kindly call on 0110426247 or alternatively email us on info@excellsolutions.co.za